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Global Design, Product Experience
and Development

The Alexander Simkin brand, founded on skill and passion, epitomizes a commitment to artistic creation and craftsmanship that has been a constant thread throughout Alexander's remarkable life.




In this challenging role, I undertook the mission to breathe new life into a traditional jewelry seller's outdated website. With a strategic vision and a well written plan, I successfully accomplished my role well ahead of the one year timeline.


This project not only aimed at updating the website but also completely transform the online framework. The overhaul, addressed outdated design elements, user interface inefficiencies and backend functionalities.


The result, a revamped digital platform. The impact of this transformation was immediately evident as the redesigned website yielded a remarkable 40% surge in online sales.


Beyond this, my approach emphasized creating a seamless and engaging online shopping experience for customers. I later implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, leveraging social media, targeted campaigns and strategic partnerships. This not only heightening brand awareness but also propelled website traffic to impressive heights, reaching up to 23,000 daily impressions.


Although this didn't necessarily translate into increased sales, it opened new avenues for growth and brand recognition. Later implementation of SEO also played a crucial role resulting in a great organic traffic increase.


To enhance the website's aesthetic appeal and professionalism, I collaborated with photographers and models. These high-quality images added a touch of sophistication to the brand.


Certainly, my transformative journey met the requirements I had set on myself, bringing this outdated website and the entire online aspect of the business to the forefront of our new digital age.

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