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Reclaiming Your Throne: Self Respect

Respect is universally acknowledged as a virtue and its value is usually undisputed towards human interactions. Yet, intriguingly, while we often extend this courtesy to others effortlessly, the act of directing it inward remains a challenge for many. This begs the question: Why do we find it easier to treat others with kindness and consideration than to afford ourselves the same grace?


Is this tendency a personal quirk confined to a few, or does it reveal a broader aspect of human nature?

What is self respect ?

Respect, as defined by the Oxford Languages, unfolds into two profound interpretations:

  1. A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something, stirred by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

  2. Due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

Armed with this understanding, we find ourselves at a pivotal crossroad of introspection:

Do I extend these definitions of respect towards myself?

It's a question that, unfortunately, many of us might answer with a hesitant 'no'. This acknowledgment brings us to the root of the issue – the manner in which we converse with ourselves.

Imagine the consequences of speaking to those we care for – our children, our pets – with disdain, labeling them as worthless and burdening them with the expectation of achieving greatness despite this. The result? A crippling fear of failure and a weight of impossible expectations that would undoubtedly ruin their potential. This analogy mirrors our own experiences. The dialogue we entertain within ourselves can either be the fertile soil from which our self-esteem blossoms or the quicksand that swallows our confidence.

The journey towards self-respect begins in our own minds. It is crucial, then, to nurture a practice of self commendation, no matter how trivial the accomplishment may seem. Celebrating the smallest victories paves the way for a healthier self image and, by extension, a life where we can truly thrive.

The components

Having grasped the essence of "a feeling of deep admiration for someone" as part of the fabric of respect, it's time to delve into the latter portion of this definition, which is sparked by one's abilities, qualities, and achievements. This exploration invites us to reflect on our journey, to identify the milestones and traits that affirm our unique value.

It's a common misconception to believe that we lack noteworthy abilities or qualities, or that we haven't achieved anything of significance. Yet, a closer inspection often reveals a different story. Consider your professional life, for instance. You might occupy a role in an industry where your specific set of skills and knowledge isn't easily replaceable—this alone checks off two critical boxes: abilities and achievements. Or, reflect on your personal pursuits, such as sports or regular exercise. The commitment to show up consistently, regardless of immediate outcomes, showcases a formidable ability and a commendable quality: perseverance and the pursuit of delayed gratification.

Remember, achievements aren't solely defined by monumental successes; they contain every step forward, every instance of growth. Perhaps you've nurtured a hobby, contributed to your community, or simply improved your physical or mental well being. These, too, are victories worth celebrating.

The lens through which we view our lives in these moments is pivotal. Perspective shapes our reality, and the narratives we tell ourselves can either diminish or magnify our self-worth. By shifting our perspective to one that recognizes and appreciates our abilities, qualities, and achievements, we cultivate a more profound respect for ourselves.

Your are not bad

It's an undeniable truth that we've all faced moments of lapse in judgment—decisions that we wish we could undo. Some of these choices may have led to significant consequences, perhaps even resulting in time spent away from our loved ones. Yet, it's crucial to distinguish between making poor decisions and being inherently "bad." Our world, does harbor individuals whose actions could be deemed bad. However, the essence of this discussion is about the broader society—men and women striving, and evolving together.

The shadows of past missteps should not have the power to define our self image. Recognizing that some decisions will inevitably linger in our memories is part of accepting our human experience. However, allowing these moments to dictate our self worth is where the line must be drawn. Instead, embrace a spirit of resilience: laugh at the absurdity of certain errors, extract wisdom from your misjudgments, and actively distance yourself from negative self perceptions. This approach is not about dismissing accountability but about creating a mindset geared towards growth and self compassion.

As you shift towards this more forgiving and understanding perspective, you'll find that your past, even with all its imperfections, contributes to a richer narrative of your life. Viewing your journey through a wider lens, you'll begin to appreciate experiences that have shaped you, including those that once seemed insurmountable. This realization brings with it a profound sense of accomplishment and an acknowledgment that every step, no matter how faltering, is part of a continuous journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.


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