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Computer Aided Design

Every line, dimension, and assembly becomes a canvas for creative expression, showcasing a seamless fusion of art and engineering.




Throughout my SolidWorks apprenticeship at FIU, I delved into the art of designing, skillfully managing assemblies and transforming concepts into detailed drawings. All which have led me to showcase a strong grasp of the software through diverse projects.


One notable achievement was the reconstruction of a faucet based on a single picture. A project emphasizing the precision and attention to detail needed to replicate a design accurately.


However, the true “test” of my Solidworks skills unfolded during my latest skateboard project, which involved over 200 interconnected parts. Navigating through specific dimensions and ensuring collaboration among components was truly a showcase of my commitment to perfection. Pushed to the limits, this process deepened my understanding of the software's capabilities, allowing me to bring my imagination to life with features and tools.


In essence, my SolidWorks skills reflect not only adeptness in precision and detailing but also resilience in tackling projects demanding a comprehensive understanding of dimensions and interconnectivity.

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