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Video sharing platform for diverse content

YouTube management orchestrates algorithms research and strategies, a commitment to diverse, engaging content and user satisfaction. It's a skillful curation and passion for fostering a vibrant online community.




In the realm of YouTube management, I undertook a significant project that demanded meticulous planning and execution. As the manager and editor, I faced the challenge of maintaining a demanding schedule, ensuring four video uploads per week.


Delving into analytics, I closely monitored metrics like click-through rates, video retention, and viewer behavior, adapting content to optimize performance. My strategic approach involved analyzing traffic sources, search factors, and audience engagement patterns. Navigating the dynamic landscape, I successfully steered one of the channels to a substantial growth of 42K subscribers, averaging 50K views per video and accumulating 1.7 million views in relatively short period of time.


This achievement wasn't without its challenges; constant communication with creators was essential to align with their evolving expectations. This experience was immensely beneficial, offering valuable insights into the intricacies of YouTube dynamics, making it a resounding success in my journey.

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During the challenging times of quarantine, I was faced with the prospect of inactivity. Luckily, I embraced the opportunity to tackle a project that demanded a keen understanding of analytics and content strategy.  Between online high school classes and this very project, I truly equipped myself with the time managing tools I now possess.


The pandemic induced circumstances became a catalyst for this unexpected venture, where I not only met the demands of the role but thrived, steering a channel to substantial growth. Despite its deviation from my academic path, this journey taught me invaluable lessons about adaptability, strategic planning, and the dynamic world of online content. In retrospect, I don't regret venturing into this unexpected territory, as it became a fulfilling and enriching experience during unprecedented times.

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