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I was born on September 15, 2002, in Aubagne, France, though I prefer to claim Marseille as my hometown. My parents, Stephanie and Sebastien, both come from immigrant families, seeking refuge from the echoes of the Algerian War and the Armenian genocide.

Growing up in Marseille with my two brothers, Allan and Alessio, life was as French as it gets. Although at the age of 11, I found myself in an "odd" situation as my family announced us we would move to America. Little did I know, this shift would introduce me to a new language and a completely different way of life, considering I spoke absolutly no English.

Angelo Corbelli Brother

My older brother Allan and I


High school kicked off with a bewildering haze of classes, graduation requirements, and a distinct lack of guidance. Clueless about the academic roadmap, my first year centered on basketball, with grades taking a backseat. Amidst the academic uncertainty, a pivotal moment unfolded.


Elevated from the Junior Varsity team to the Varsity squad as a Freshman. Suddenly, I found myself facing off against towering 6"8 seniors destined for college. This ignited a relentless pursuit of improvement on the court, although my academic focus wavered. Fast forward to junior year, a turning point emerged when the departure of my basketball coach ushered in a new coaching era. Initial encounters with the new coaches were marked by disrespect, pushing me to contemplate putting basketball on the backburner. The decision was sealed, and I bid farewell to basketball, redirecting my focus towards shaping my future.


Turning 16 marked a pivotal moment as I ventured into the workforce. A week after my birthday, I secured a job at Walgreens. The last two years of high school became a dedicated journey of securing my future. The pursuit of academic excellence took precedence as I navigated the challenges of work and studies simultaneously. Against the backdrop of determined efforts, I successfully graduated and earned acceptance into Florida International University where I am currently enrolled.

Angelo Corbelli Basketball Team

ATM Junior Varsity Basketball Team 



Arriving in the U.S., I found myself starting from scratch, armed with minimal English and a determination to fit into this unfamiliar place.


The first day of school (and I remember this vividly) someone asked me "How are you doing?" and my response? "I am 11 years old." Lost in translation, but it became a starting point for a journey of adaptation. The initial year was a struggle; understanding seemed like an unattainable goal. During my school lunch, unaware that the tables outside were meant for lunch detention, I found myself sitting there everyday for a year.


Despite the language barrier, basketball remained a constant. Having played in France, it was only natural to continue here, but the disparity in skill levels left me taken aback. Determined to bridge the gap, I worked out everyday whether the Florida weather was on my side or not. 


Fast forward to my 8th-grade year, fluency in English became my ally, though my writing skills lagged. Surpassing the initial fear, I emerged as the captain of my basketball team, ready to take on the challenges of High School basketball. 

Angelo Corbelli Family

The entire family in Pioneertown, California


Presently, I find myself immersed in the world of Mechanical Engineering, pursuing a Bachelor's degree that serves as the gateway to my aspirations in the aerospace field. Considering my earlier stint with Bombardier, the admiration I have towards the aerospace industry has only grown, fueled by its captivating intricacies and endless possibilities. 


Although now life has taken on new dimensions, marked by newfound passions and interests. The world of books has become a treasure trove, with reading occupying a significant space in my daily routine. Simultaneously, health and fitness which are the pillars of my everyday life, not only transformed my own lifestyle but also led me to guide family members on their journeys to shed unwanted weight. It's a simple philosophy that I've embraced and shared with others.


While friends have suggested a potential career in coaching, my primary focus remains on academic pursuits. The intricate world of mechanical engineering demands dedication and focus, a lot of it. The prospect of coaching may unfold in the future, but for now, I channel my energy into my academics. As the chapters of my life continue to unfold, the blend of academic aspirations, aerospace dreams, and a commitment to health and fitness forms the canvas on which I paint my present and envision my future.

Angelo Corbelli Bombardier

Latest Internship with Bombardier

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