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There is a one in one Quintillion chances you will read this

We often associate luck with tangible gains: landing the ideal job, acquiring wealth, or possessing a unique talent. However, is it possible that luck transcends these conventional boundaries? Over time, we've been blessed with the gift of increasingly longer lifespans. Our contemporary worldview often relegates the concept of death to a somewhat caricatured, distant reality. Despite this, the stark truth remains that death is an undeniable part of our existence, and the world will continue to witness its share of tragedies. Yet, I am compelled to argue that the concept of luck, as we typically understand and categorize it, represents merely a tiny fragment within the vast tapestry of our universe.

The Galaxy

To truly grasp this idea, let's journey back approximately 13.7 billion years, to the very genesis of everything.


Recent advancements in astrophysics have further illuminated the Big Bang Theory – a concept depicting an explosion of unfathomable force and energy marking the inception of our universe. This event set in motion a timeline spanning millions of years, a saga of evolution, the rise and fall of civilizations, and cataclysmic events like a completely frozen Earth and the reign of dinosaurs, which made human existence an impossibility. Yet, despite these seemingly insurmountable odds, here we are. Now, to put this into perspective, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario.

Imagine you and I having a conversation in the same city. What are the odds of that happening? Realistically, maybe 1 in 100,000? To be more generous, perhaps 1 in a million. But if we step back and re-examine our understanding of luck, this encounter becomes even more astounding.

This isn't just about geographical coincidence; it's about the extraordinary sequence of events that allowed us both to exist at this moment in time. So, as we delve deeper into the concept of luck, let’s appreciate the sheer magnitude of our existence and the remarkable journey that led to this very conversation.


Consider this extraordinary fact: both you and I, along with virtually everything else on Earth, originated from stardust. Ponder for a moment the sheer improbability of the following sequence of events.

A colossal explosion, known as the Big Bang, consisting solely of energy and intense heat, not only birthed the universe but also led to the formation of millions of galaxies. Now, let's narrow our focus. Within these myriad galaxies, this raw energy and heat forged planets, moons, and most crucially, stars like our Sun. Think about the odds of all the right elements combining to form such breathtaking cosmic beauty. But the marvel doesn't stop there.

Among all these planets, Earth is situated in an 'ideal' zone - not too cold, not too hot - perfect for sustaining life. Delving deeper, let's consider the origins of life on Earth. What were the chances that a simple bacterium, over millions of years, would evolve into complex life forms like jellyfish? And what were the odds of these jellyfish, among other life forms, surviving and thriving over eons? The narrative of life on Earth doesn’t end there. Fast forward millions of years through this evolutionary journey, and our planet was once home to towering giants - dinosaurs. As you follow this thread, the point here becomes increasingly clear.

Our existence, and the existence of everything we know, hinges on a series of astronomical improbabilities, each more astounding than the last.

"Ever look up at night and feel small? Don't. Instead feel large. Atoms in our bodies trace to the remnants of exploded stars. We are Stardust. We are alive in the universe. And the universe is alive within us." - Neil deGrasse Tyson


In a twist of cosmic fate, the very possibility of human existence hinges on events as unlikely as they are monumental. Among these, the extinction of dinosaurs stands out, a pivotal moment that allowed humans to thrive on Earth. Let's revisit the astonishing odds that have shaped our history.

Firstly, consider the probability of a massive meteor striking Earth. Such cataclysmic events are exceedingly rare, with significant asteroid impacts occurring roughly once every 100 million years. When we juxtapose this with the relatively brief span of human civilization—a mere few thousand years—the sheer improbability borders on the absurd.

Secondly, the potential for total annihilation with an asteroid of such magnitude was very real. The odds were stacked against any form of life surviving such an event. Yet, in an extraordinary turn of fortune, not everything was wiped out. This selective extinction created niches that would eventually be filled by emerging species, including our ancestors.

Lastly, the resilience of our planet itself is nothing short of miraculous. Earth not only weathered the impact but also embarked on a path of recovery and rebirth, setting the stage for the next chapter in the story of life. When you piece these elements together—the astronomical unlikelihood of the meteor strike, the selective survival of life, and Earth's remarkable recovery—the emergence of something as seemingly mundane as a tree, let alone the dawn of human civilization, takes on a new dimension of wonder. The odds, when viewed through this lens, become not just uncountable, but profoundly miraculous. This confluence of improbable events underscores a fundamental truth about our existence:

We are the beneficiaries of an extraordinary legacy of cosmic coincidences and natural phenomena, each as crucial as it is improbable.


Reflecting on our journey brings us full circle to the simple yet profound act of you and I engaging in conversation. Consider the arduous paths our ancestors navigated—battling saber-toothed tigers, enduring the relentless challenges of survival through eons of evolution, and the ceaseless quest for sustenance and safety, all while ensuring the continuation of their lineage. But let's delve deeper, beyond the survival of our species.

Reflect on the sheer improbability of your parents' paths crossing, or even more astoundingly, the chance encounters of your grandparents. With this perspective, the narrative of any human achievement transforms into a tale of miracles. In light of the vast tapestry of events we've explored—from the cosmic happenstances that forged our planet to the individual stories of survival and connection that dot our personal histories—it becomes overwhelmingly clear that our current existence is nothing short of miraculous. Regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in today, the world as we know it is a remarkable outcome of countless improbabilities. You and I, and every person we know, embody this incredible fortune. Our very ability to reflect, communicate, and dream is a testament to the unparalleled journey of luck and resilience that defines the human experience. This realization invites us to view our lives and our world with renewed appreciation and wonder, recognizing the extraordinary series of miracles that culminate in the ordinary moments of connection we often take for granted.

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